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Media Interview

    Countering extremism in Bangladesh

    সন্ত্রাসবাদের ম্যাপে অন্তর্ভুক্ত হয়েছে বাংলাদেশ

    ‘হারাকা আল ইয়াকীন’ নামে মিয়ানমারে নতুন জঙ্গী সংগঠনের জন্ম

    আত্মজিজ্ঞাসা জরুরি                   

Newsletter September - 2014


Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) is a leading institution in Bangladesh for informed analysis on all aspects of broad spectrum of peace and security studies in the region and beyond. It is a non party, non profit organization and independent think tank which provides significant platform for the leading strategic thinkers, academics, former members of the civil, foreign and armed services and media persons to chalk out a comprehensive framework for peace and security issues. The Institute is headed by the President of BIPSS, Major Genral ANM Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc, (Retd). He directs and coordinates all research and administrative activities of the Institute. A team of highly qualified full time researchers with varied social science background conduct research activities. BIPSS also maintains a pool of affiliated experts whom we engage frequently for different assignments.

 President BIPSS visits Washington

President BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman (Retd). visited Washington DC this week for meetings and consultations with US Government agencies and Washington based Think Tanks. During the visit General Muniruzzaman built the preparatory ground work for 'US-Bangladesh Comprehensive Naval and Maritime Dialogue'.


President BIPSS at COSATT Conference

President, BIPSS Major General Muniruzzaman spoke at a Conference of Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT) in Kathmandu, Nepal, starting on 14th July. The Conference titled 'Realizing the Vision: Towards a South Asian Union' is a major Pre-Summit event before the SAARC Summit scheduled in November, 2014.

The Conference brought together leaders of leading Think Tanks in South Asia and the past Secretary Generals of SAARC and ASEAN.

President BIPSS is presented a paper in Conference titled, “Human Security in South Asia: Vision 2025”


 Up -Coming Events



BIPSS in collaboration with Centre for Naval Analyses (CNA) will be organizing the first US-Bangladesh Maritime Cooperation Dialogue in Washington DC from 24 to 25 September 2014. This event will bring together the maritime forces to discuss about enhancing naval and maritime cooperation between the two countries. The participants will be drawn from US State Department, Department of Defence and relevant stakeholders in the US and Bangladesh, including representatives from Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard. The dialogue that will be held in Washington is part of a series of events that will take place in the US and Bangladesh in future. Throughout this year and in 2015, BIPSS will continue to work on issues of Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean, which is a key research agenda for the institute. It may be mentioned that, BIPSS has previously been part of a similar initiative with the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA).

Some of the themes covered in the dialogue will include maritime stability, naval cooperation, and threat assessment of the maritime domain, cooperation on non-traditional security threats and maritime cooperation through regionalism. Proceedings of the dialogue will be published on completion of the event.


UN Climate Summit 2014

President BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzzaman (Retd.) will be attending a major event at the Climate Summit 2014, in New York. The event will have US Secretary of State, John Kerry delivering a speech; which will be paired with a panel of three experts, speaking on security Implications of climate change. President BIPSS, will be a member in this panel.

The Climate 25

The Weather Channel in the United States has taken up a project called The Climate 25, which would be a digital media experience, featuring interviews of 25 most prominent and compelling voices on the most pressing issues of our time – the impact of climate disruption on global security and political stability. The weather Channel has requested BIPSS President, Major General Muniruzzaman (Retd.) for his consent, to be member of this panel of 25 experts. President BIPSS, will give the interview to The Weather Channel during his attendance in Climate Summit at the United Nation in New York.


BIPSS in Media

President BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman(Retd.) appeared in popular TV Talk Show Tritio Matra on 6th August, 2014. The discussion was focused around current issues of Bangladesh and of international concern.




President BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman appeared in a Talk-Show in NTV and SA Tv, , on 17th August, to give his analysis on challenges of extremism and terrorism facing Bangladesh.


Mr. Shafqat Munir Attends The International Leadership Program on Foreign Policy and Energy Security

Mr. Shafqat Munir, Associate Research Fellow at Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) has been selected by the U. S. Department of State to attend the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on Foreign Policy and Energy Security. As part of the program, he will be visiting the State Department, Department of Defence, Department of Energy, U.S. Congress and other Federal and State Government Agencies around the United States. Mr. Munir will be representing Bangladesh in this multiregional program.


 President BIPSS nominated for the Scientific Commission of ISC

The 17th World Congress of Criminology was recently held in Monterrey, Mexico, under the auspices of The International Society for Criminology (ISC). Founded in 1938, ISC is the only worldwide organization in the field of Criminology and Criminal justice and enjoys advisory status at the UN and The Council of Europe.

We have the pleasure to announce that President BIPSS, Major General A N M Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc (Retd) was nominated by the congress as a member, of the prestigious Scientific Commission of the ISC. In this capacity President BIPSS will work closely with a select body of experts from different countries in developing the work and policy of the commission.


 BIPSS Publication

Read Monograph...

BIPSS published the latest edition of BIPSS Paper, the institute's monograph series titled Paradox of State Fragility: Exploring the Role of International Structures in the Context of Bangladesh. The BIPSS Paper has been authored by Zahidul Islam Khan.
The main discourse of the research investigates the underlying narratives of categorising states as ‘fragile’ from a global perspective by exploring the role of international structures on state fragility in the context of Bangladesh.






 Climate Change: Implications for Defence

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the most comprehensive and relevant analysis of our changing climate. It also points to the grave challenges and threats that it poses to national and international security.
The paper is an analytical assessment of threats based on this report. The publication is an initiative of Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC), in collaboration with University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Institute for Environmental Security, The Hague.
GMACCC is an international body of experts dealing with the security Implications of climate change. President BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman (Retd.), is currently the Chairman of GMACCC.


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