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    সন্ত্রাসবাদের ম্যাপে অন্তর্ভুক্ত হয়েছে বাংলাদেশ

    ‘হারাকা আল ইয়াকীন’ নামে মিয়ানমারে নতুন জঙ্গী সংগঠনের জন্ম

    আত্মজিজ্ঞাসা জরুরি                   

Short Bio of ANM Muniruzzaman

Major  General Muniruzzaman (Retd)  is a  career  military  officer who  served 38 years in active duty. He was  commissioned  in  the regiment of  artillery and commanded a field artillery regiment and two artillery  brigades. He  has commanded an infantry brigade  and  an infantry division. He also served in different  staff  appointments as Brigade Major, GSO 2 of  Military Operation Directorate at the Army HQ,GSO 1 (Operations) at Infantry Division HQ. He served as a member of the faculty as Directing Staff (DS) and  Senior Instructor (SI) in the Defence Command and Staff College and regularly lectures at the National  Defence College. He was the  Military Secretary to the President of Bangladesh.  He was the Colonel Commandant of the  Regiment of Artillery (Head of the Bangladesh  artillery).

General  Muniruzzaman  is  an  experienced  peace  keeper, he  has taught  the subject as a faculty member and has experience in   the field. He was a  member and  head of  the  country  contingent to UNTAC in Cambodia. He also  has  the distinction of heading the post election UN Mission in Cambodia,  monitoring  the political and security stability situation of the country and as the Head of the mission acting as a link between the government of the Cambodia and the UN Secretary General's office.

General Munir now the President and CEO of the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), a leading think tank in South Asia. He also headed the govt's think tank under the ministry of foreign affairs. BIPSS focuses on the whole spectrum of security issues - traditional, non-traditional and trans-national security issues. He is a founding member of the consortium Non-traditional Security - Asia (NTS-Asia) based at NTU, Singapore. He sits on the board of Governors of Council for Asian Transnational Threats Research (CATR). He is a member of the International Military Advisers Council (IMAC) on Climate Change and the Global Futures Forum (GFF). He is also an advisor on climate change and energy security at the G-20 consultative Process. He is a frequent speaker on international security and policy issues in the international conference and lecture circuit. He has spoken at conferences/events at UN,EU,ARF, NATO, Shangri-La Dialogue, ASPEN ,World Security Conference, Consultations on the future of Afghanistan, Climate Summit - COP15,IISS,RUSI etc. He is consulted by different govts, international organisations on security issues and appears regularly on both national and international media to give his expert opinion. He is the Editor of the quarterly security studies journal 'Peace and Security Review' and also publishes regularly on strategic and security issues.

General Munir has a wide training and education background. He was commissioned from the Pakistan Military Academy and has received advanced training from USA, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Austria, former Yugoslavia, Turkey, China etc. He is a graduate of the National University of Bangladesh, National Defence College, Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College and Legal Studies School of the US Naval War College. He has visited a large number of countries in the world.

General Munir is married and blessed with a son and daughter.

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